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& Upholstery

The professionals at Leatherman Furniture and Upholstery have the ability and the experience to take your existing upholstery restore it original beauty. Let us take care of all the upholstery needs you have in your home, car, or business.


If you've been thinking about redesigning your home or business then you need to work with Leatherman Furniture today. Instead of wasting money on new and expensive furniture you can let our professionals create a fresh and updated look for your furniture.

Our team has the experience that matters for your upholstery needs

Whether you have upholstery problems in your home, business, or automobile, you can count on our team to design a look that you'll love. Our services are affordable and efficient, no matter the piece. Let us handle your upholstery problems so that you don't have to.


Between our beautiful selection of fabrics, professional services, and affordable rates, our team has everything to give you beautiful upholstery again.

Don't ignore upholstery imperfections

Offering you the quality upholstery repair services that you need for all of your residential, commercial, and automobile needs.

Let us pick up your furniture today and get it restored to

its potential again.  


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